Pokemon GO – One game with so many stories already

Pokemon GO is an interesting game, not because the game itself is actually interesting, but because of the stories this game has already created in the very short time it has been out. Some of these stories are serious and real, others try to be serious and real, while others are complete jokes meant to make people laugh. Whatever the case may be, there’s already a ton of them out there to read and here are some of the more interesting, albeit stranger, stories surrounding Pokemon GO.

Girl Finds Dead Body While Playing Pokemon GO

This particular story is actually a true one. A teenage girl who was walking around in rural Wyoming while playing Pokemon GO, on the search for more Pokemon to capture, actually stumbled onto a dead body. She headed towards a nearby river, in an attempt to capture water-based Pokemon. Initially having no luck, she made her way to the rocky river bank paying attention to her phone. After a few minutes she looked around and noticed a man’s body floating in the river six feet from her. She called the police who came to do their thing, and it came to light that this was an accidental death. Still, definitely a creepy thing to encounter while playing Pokemon GO.

Sources: CNN | The Independant

Businesses Making Use of Pokemon GO

Pokemon are randomly scattered throughout the real world, and players can end up in actual businesses trying to catch one. These places can be anything, from actual shops and businesses to a grass field in the middle of nowhere. Some businesses have put up signs informing players, be it a random person or an employee, of some important information regarding the Pokemon that may be located in their business. Here’s a couple of examples, one from the employee lounge at a Walmart, the other on the front door of another business.

Source: Twitter

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Pokemon GO Login Issues

CartelPress is obviously a parody news site, which you immediately can tell from the front page articles that are there. In fact six of the ten new stories posted on this site are about Pokemon GO, including one story about a man who is suing the developers for $500 million after being hit by a car while trying to capture a Pokemon. Another story is about ISIS claiming responsibility for server login issues for Pokemon GO, with ISIS leader Ahmad Aklahar HanhJob stating “America will feel the pain of not being able to catch them all”.

Source: CartelPress

Cops Join in on Pokemon GO

A story on Reddit talks about a guy who woke up at 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep. So he headed out to go catch some Pokemon and stumbled onto two other guys doing the same thing. The neighbor isn’t the greatest one apparently. The two gentlemen looked a bit sketchy, but he decided to go over to talk to them after they called to him, letting him know that there is an Onyx by a nearby truck. After catching said Onyx, all three decided to chat, and the cops show up because in this neighborhood it looked incredibly sketchy having three people standing around at this time of night. In the end, after convincing the cops that it wasn’t a drug deal going down, the cops asked how to get started playing Pokemon GO and installed the game.

Source: Reddit via Imgur

Pokemon GO Improves Mental Health

A new story is reporting that Pokemon GO is having a positive effect on some users’ mental health. How? Well it encourages people to get out of the house and experience new things and the world itself, instead of being holed up playing other games (or whatever it is these people are doing at home). Some people are stating that Pokemon GO is helping people with “depression, anxiety and agoraphobia leave the house and explore the world and socialize”. It does make sense.

Source: Attn

We have already talked about lots of people trying to go into places like police stations to try and capture a Pokemon. Not too good of an idea. Know of a weird, strange, or fun Pokemon GO story? Let us know in the comments below so we can check it out.

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