Pokémon Go Transports You To The Paldea Region In It’s Latest Season!

Image shows vibrant hillside with surrounding water in the background. In the centre of the image are the three starters of the Paldea region. Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly.

Niantic is keeping the Pokéball rolling with exciting seasonal content updates. Pokémon Go players have entered the Paldea region within the game, where you can meet all the quirky and unique pocket monsters that were introduced during the Scarlet and Violet game releases.

If you haven’t already check out the official trailer for this update below. Hopefully, you can see why we are so thrilled about the gameplay this season!

So What Has Niantic Got In Store?

The Adventures Abound season will keep trainers active through til December 1st. During this, you will be prompted by the special research task to select your starter from the region. Who will you choose from the adorable bunch? The water starter, Quaxly, the fire starter, Fuecoco, or the grass starter, Sprigatito? Your choice of starter will see you down different task routes with rewards unique to each branch.

Speaking of rewards, you have a rare opportunity to obtain your own Master Ball through the timed rewards of this season, which are ongoing until November 21st. Master Balls are a unique item within the Pokémon world, with the rather special ability to capture ANY Pokémon without fail! Just be sure to save it for a special mon’. Such an uncommon reward shouldn’t be wasted on easy catch, unless of course, that’s your style.

During the max-level raids of this season, you can encounter the impressive ultra-beasts Kartana and Celesteela. Appearances from Genesect, or the legendaries Raikou, Entei, and Suicune are waiting for you on their raid podiums too. Mega Raids will feature the likes of Mega Evolved Manectric and Gardevoir.

Oh Gosh, There’s More!

This isn’t all, as Niantic has packed September out with exciting seasonal gameplay. With the community day already behind us, you can now look forward to the Paldean Adventure, as well as the Ultra Unlock. Later this month you can step out into the Oddish Research Day, Grubbin Community Day, Azurill Hatch Day, The Annual Psychic Spectacular Event, and finally the Out To Play Event.

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