City Adventures And Eevees In Hats In Pokémon Go Safari Event!

pokemon go safari logo on the left with three pokemon spotlighted for the Barcelona event on the right.

Niantic continues to spoil all their Pokémon Go fans, as trainers are getting excited for the in-person festivities coming up in October and November. Pokémon Go Fest has only just exited behind us, and players now begin to look forward to the exciting gradual release of the Paldean Pokémon from generation 9 within PoGo.

There’s no shortage of things to look forward to or things to do within PoGo in the upcoming months! We covered a little on the Paldean update already if you fancy catching up.

Pokémon In The City!

The City Safari Event will be hosted within a few cities across October and November, starting with Seoul, South Korea on October 7th-8th. Barcelona, Spain on October 13th-14th. With a final stop at Mexico City, Mexico on November 4th-5th. From the teaser posters, it appears that 3 Pokémon will be exclusive to each city event, with Skiddo making appearances in each participating city!

Pokémon Go City Safari is an event hosted by Niantic to bring players of a region together. This in-person event takes you through the featured city to explore your scenery from a whole new perspective! With your buddy Pokémon by your side, take on the adventure and discover which location-themed wild Pokémon awaits an encounter.

City Safari is perfect for first-time visitors and players, as during the event Professor Willow will prompt you with tasks to help guide you around the city. Discover the exciting stories as you embark on your adventures through historical landmarks as well as local hotspots.

The Exclusive Hat

With the freedom to choose how you will explore whilst completing these tasks, Professor Willow will also ask for your help in his research into the adorable Pokémon Eevee. You’ll be tasked with catching as many as possible, which is certainly worth it as they’ll be wearing an adorable exclusive Explorer Hat! Of course, if you evolve one of your Explorer Hat Eevees, their evolution counterpart will wear the hat, regardless of which Eeveelution route you choose. 

Tickets for each of the events can be found Here, along with more information on what’s happening and which regional Pokémon feature for each city participating.

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