Pokémon Home, Cloud Storage For Pokémon, is Out Now on Android

Pokémon Home, the app that basically serves as cloud storage for your Pokémon across a range of different games, has finally launched on Android.

You can transfer Pokémon between compatible games, which right now includes Pokémon Bank, Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Eevee!, and Sword and Shield. Pokémon GO will receive support shortly after launch.

Pokémon Home Allows You to Trade Pokémon With Other Players and Transfer Between Games

There’s also the option to trade Pokémon with other players online, allowing you to finally grab that rare Legendary you’ve been after for months.

Pokémon Home includes a free plan, though you can pay for premium, which costs $2.99 and expands the feature set.

To learn more about Pokémon Home, head on over to the official site. It details everything you can expect from the app in a single place.

You can also simply grab it right now and check it out from Google Play. You’ll need a Switch to make the most of it though.

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