Pokémon Masters Gets Sync Pair Rayquaza and Zinnia

Pokémon Masters has received its latest sync pair, Rayquaza and Zinnia, in a brand new event that’s available now.

Rayquaza is a Legendary Pokémon. It’s a Dragon and Flying type that you can recruit along with Hoenn region Trainer Zinnia.

Pokémon Masters Also Gets a Bunch More Sync Pairs and a Bunch of Free Gems

To do so, complete the in-game event The Dragon That Rules The Sky, which is available between now and February 13.

Also, you can get your hands on up to 4,200 free gems by logging in every day between now and the event ending.

Rounding up the new content are Leaf and Eevee, who you can recruit at the Spotlight Scout, Kukui and Lycanroc, who also feature in The Dragon That Rules The Sky event, and a free 1,500 gem giveaway to celebrate 20 million downloads.

You can grab Pokémon Masters right now on Google Play to get started with the new event and content.

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