Pokémon Masters Gets Three New Story Chapters and New Pokémon in a Huge New Update

DeNA has just released a massive new update for Pokémon Masters that includes three all new story chapters and new Pokémon.

The new chapters pick up right where 18 left off, with 19-21 allowing you to add trainer Calem (from Pokémon X and Y) and his Pokémon Espurr to the team. That’s a five star sync pair right there.

Pokémon Masters Now Lets You Pick Torchic as Your Partner Pokémon

If you’re sick of using Pikachu as your main Pokémon, you’re in luck. Torchic, the Fire-type Pokémon from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is a new option that you can pair up with.

To celebrate the new additions, DeNA is holding a series of special events that are chock full of rewards to earn.

The first of these is The Story Continues! Special Rally!, an event that will reward you with up to 2,000 gems for participating in special missions between now and November 27.

There are also 4,200 worth of gems up for grabs as login rewards for those that login 14 consecutive days between now and December 1.

Now is the best time to get into Pokémon Masters, so go and grab it right now on Google Play to get the new update and those sweet rewards.

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