Pokémon Masters is Out Right Now on Android

DeNA and the Pokémon Company have just released the latest mobile Pokémon outing, Pokémon Masters, on Google Play.

Pokémon Masters is a more traditional Pokémon experience than the many other games we’ve seen thus far. You’ll explore the brand new island of Pasio as you strive to win the Pokémon Masters League.

Pokémon Masters is a More Traditional Pokémon Experience on Mobile

The Pokémon Masters League is a brand new tournament that challenges you to participate in 3v3 battles. That’s a first for the franchise, which traditionally pits a single Pokémon against another.

It won’t just be you and three Pokémon though. You’ll create your own avatar and then befriend famous trainers from throughout the franchise’s history.

You’ll then work together as you strive to win the tournament. You can pull off powerful moves like the Unity Attack, which combines the moves of three Pokémon at once.

So head on over to Google Play right now and check out Pokémon Masters. Fans of the franchise will find lots to be happy about.

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