Pokémon Quest will launch on Android in late June

Pokémon Quest Android

Nintendo launched Pokémon Quest out of nowhere today on Switch, following a Pokémon-themed press event in which the company laid out its plans for Pokémon going forward.

But we don’t really care about that – we’re here to talk to you about Android games. The good news is that Pokémon Quest is actually coming to our favourite platform in about a month’s time.

Pokémon Quest will launch on Android in late June

Haven’t heard of it? Well, it’s basically a hero collector RPG but featuring only Pokémon. You’ll create a party of them then send them out on expeditions to increase their power and get other cool stuff.

That includes upgrades, cooking ingredients, and decorations for your town. You cook to attract new Pokémon and decorate the town to receive effects that increase XP gained and other things like that.

It seems like it’ll be a fun little time waster, and it’s not long before you can check it out for yourself. Pokémon Quest will launch on Android in late June.

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