Pokemon Rumble Rush is Getting New Content in May, Shutting Down in July

Pokémon Rumble Rush Android

Pokemon Rumble Rush will be shuttered in July, around a year after its global launch. Before then, however, the game will be updated with new content and events. 

Between May 6th and May 27th, there’s going to be a Wonders of Kalos event, as well as the Zygarde Cup and the Shaymin Cup this month and next. Then, on May 27th, a new update will arrive containing new content. 

Pokemon Rumble Rush sees you exploring uncharted islands and battling Pokemon. Clearing stages nets you ore, which you can refine to power gears that make your Pokemon stronger, and enable you to summon. There are also boss stages. 

Until July, that is, when Pokemon Rumble Rush will be lost in time, like tears in rain. If you fancy checking it out before this happens, download it for free on Google Play. 

Source: Touch Arcade

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