Feed Snorlax and Collect Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep

feature image for our pokemon sleep release news, the image features promo art for the game of snorlax laying on the grass while sleeping as pikachu lays on top of them, charmander and squirtle are also napping on the grass as they are surrounded by berries and other pokemon snacks

Ever wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer who specialises in sleeping? Well, now you can with the newly released Pokemon Sleep app. Is it a novelty? Or is it actually a useful tool to use when trying to fix your sleeping habits?

For more information about Pokemon Sleep, visit the official website or download it now on Google Play.

Obtain a Sleep Score and Sleep Type

After each night, you’ll be provided with a sleep score that lets you know just how good your sleep was. You’re also given a Sleep Type (yes, it’s a Pokemon app) such as “Snoozing” or “Slumbering”. This is determined by how much you moved in your sleep that night, most likely noted down by the app while it records audio.

Audio Recordings and More

On the topic of audio, the main use of the audio recording feature is to keep track of your snoring, talking in your sleep, and other environmental noises that may disturb your slumber.

Additionally, the app also offers Pokemon-inspired music that you can listen to whilst falling asleep. With the power of technology, Pokemon Sleep can also wake you up when you’re in a shallow sleep.

Collect Pokemon and Feed Snorlax!

Now, one of the largest appeals of the app to us is the fact that a variety of Pokemon will gather on your phone by the time you wake up. The type of Pokemon that can appear depends on your provided Sleep Type and how long you slept. You then conduct essential research on the Pokemon to progress through your Sleep Style Dex.

It wouldn’t be a Pokemon app that focuses on sleeping without the loveable Snorlax making an appearance. You can feed Snorlax lots of tasty berries that your collected Pokemon will give to you. As you raise Snorlax, you’ll notice Pokemon with rarer sleep styles appearing every morning!

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