Here’s When Pokémon TCG Live Launches on Android

The featured image for our Pokemon TCG Live release date article, featuring a Pokemon floating infront of screenshots from the game.

The Pokémon Company has announced that Pokémon TCG Live, the free to play version of the classic trading card game, will launch on June 8th. That means you can finally take your Pokémon battles on the road, and compete with players from all around the world!

The developer announced Pokémon TCG Live way back in 2021. Shortly after in 2022, the desktop open beta followed, and a year later, it seems we’re finally getting the polished version of the game on Android.

What Is Pokémon TCG Live?

It allows you to fulfil your dream of being a Pokémon trainer. You create your own avatar, grow your collection of cards, and put together a strong team.

It’s a deck builder at heart, with a multitude of different game modes to play, from epic multiplayer battles with friends and foes, all the way to daily quests.

As Pokémon TCG Live has been in global beta for a while now, there’s plenty of content ready for you to get stuck into at launch. Expansion packs, such as Scarlet & Violet and Crown Zenith, are already available.

Goodbye Pokémon TCG Online

The upcoming TCG Live will replace 2011’s Pokémon TCG Online – The Pokémon Company’s first attempt at bringing the trading card game to a digital platform.

But don’t worry, dedicated TCG Online fans! The studio has thankfully confirmed that you can transfer your account over to the new and improved TCG Live, losing none of your progress.

Check out Pokémon TCG Live on Google Play, where you can download it on June 8th. Interested in more of our Pokémon TCG Live coverage? Go back to where it all started with our article covering the Canada soft launch in 2022.

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