Polarbit and Fabrication Games releases

It seems OpenFeint and developers using it are not the only ones who have been busy these days. Polarbit and partner Fabrication Games have been hard at work with one game being released the other week and two more today. 8ball and Zap just landed on the market today with 8ball being a new pool game while Zap is a lot like Bust-A-Move.

Cannonball is also another title released the other week by Fabrication Games and Polarbit which is a shooting gallery (like you see at carnivals) game in which you try to shoot as many of the target as you can. Targets range from pirate ships, sea-monsters and birds that fly across your screen. Also included in a global leaderboard for high scores.

Direct Market Link: Cannonball

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8ball is pretty much your typical 8ball pool game where you have to sink your half of the balls on the table. This game also comes with its own global leaderboard for high scores. While not the most original game on the Android Market it will be a good quality title you might want to check out considering Polarbit doesn’t put their name on just any game.

Direct Market Link: 8ball

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Lastly we have Zap which mentioned above is similar to Bust-A-Move where you shoot orbs in order to match 3 or more of the same color to eliminate them. Interestingly enough instead of being straight up and down like most games of this nature, it is actually a slanted 3D-ish looking area you are playing on. Like Bust-A-move and similar games you have to clear all the orbs off the play area before time runs out.

Zap also comes with a global leaderboard for high scores.

Direct Market Link: Zap

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Polarbit and Fabrication Games seem to be enjoying their partnership and keep busy releasing some pretty entertaining games. While some aren’t overly original, Fabrication Games and Polarbit seem to put their own spin on most of them both graphically and just in play style. These aren’t the crazy 3D games we are used to seeing from Polarbit but rest assured they are good quality fun games.

It’ll be interesting to see what other games these two companies have up their sleeves.

Developer Websites: Polarbit | Fabrication Games

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