Polished Puzzler Kensho Is Just 99c Right Now on the Google Play Store

Kensho, the highly polished puzzle game from developer Fiftytwo, is currently just 99c on Android. It normally costs £3.99. 

Available on Switch and PC as well as mobile, Kensho is a widely acclaimed puzzler that sees you matching colored blocks to solve puzzles and advance the game’s narrative. That narrative involves nature, time, and space intertwining. You can ignore it. 

The gameplay is solid, but it’s in the audio-visual department that Kensho really shines, thanks to clever touches like a menu that adapts to the stage of the game you’re on, and a variety of distinctive, well-realised backdrops. 

It’s gorgeous, but is it $3.99 gorgeous? Possibly, but it’s an incontrovertible steal at 99c. You can grab Kensho on Google Play right now

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