Poll: Do you prefer virtual D-Pads/Joysticks or tap-to-go as a game’s control mechanism?

The poll for this week is going to be short and simple. It’s on the control scheme for games that require dynamic movement. Traditionally, we’ve used joysticks on controllers to move our characters on consoles, while on PC it’s done via the keyboard/mouse combination or a connected controller.

In the mobile gaming world, there are two common solutions. One is the virtual D-Pad or Joystick, and the second is tap-to-go. Most shooters currently on the market utilize a virtual d-pad. However, newer games like Horn and Heroes Call have tap-to-go as their control scheme.

Which do I prefer? Well, I always prefer having total control over my character movement, but both the games I mention above that utilize tap-to-go implement it fairly well, and I have come to like it. So, for me, either one will do. What’s your take on this? Cast a vote in the poll below and expand on your choice in the comments below.

P.S. This poll is just regarding virtual control schemes and what people prefer to use. We will have a different poll at a later time regarding controllers, accelerometer-based controls and other ways to play games.

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