Popular iOS game, Jimmy Pataya, leaps onto Android now

Jimmy Pataya has been a fairly popular iOS game for awhile now and the developers, Paladin Studios, have ported it over to Android for us to enjoy as well. The game is essentially an endless game where you parachute out of a plane and try to dodge rotating blades on the way down.

Along the way down as you endlessly fall are power-up to help you on your way to reaching high scores. Unfortunately there are plenty of blades in the way to stop you from getting your high scores as well. It’s like playing with a blender really except at 50,000 feet.


  • Super smooth tilt-controls
  • Intense gameplay that requires ninja reflexes
  • Extremely fast-paced arcade action
  • 3D graphics that suck you in and shake you up
  • Drum n bass soundtrack that gets you pumped up (use your headphones!)
  • Tablet support



The production quality is actually pretty solid for this type of game and it comes with a great soundtrack for all you Drum & Bass fans out there. The main power-up you want to find is the helmet which allows you to just crash through blades instead of having to try and avoid them. You’ll also want to get the Rocket Boost which triples your score for a short period of time. The developers already have more features planned for Jimmy Pataya so expect some updates soon too.

You can pick this game up off the Android Market for free. Hopefully we will see some of their other games making their way to Android as well.

Developer Website: Paladin Studios

Android Market Link: Jimmy Pataya

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