Popular iOS word search game Hooked on Words has arrived on Android

A new word search game has arrived on Android recently that is actually already rather popular on iOS called Hooked on Words. Developed by Plasmaworks LLC, this new word search game has some different features added to it that gives it a bit of a different feel over similar titles.

At the game’s core, it is a word search game but there are a few features that make it a bit more unique such as a bonus tile system which you can earn from finding big words. These bonus tiles will help boost your score with extra points.

Hooked on Words also comes with four different gameplay modes:

– Standard Mode: Play at your own pace as you strategize to spell bigger words and earn bonus tiles.
– Timed Mode: Players get 2 minutes and an unlimited supply of letter tiles to spell as many words as possible.
– Collapse Mode: Try and clear the board and keep your letter tile count as low as possible as new letters fall into place at a faster and faster rate. Bigger words give you bonuses to clear extra letters.
– Scramble Mode: A static 6 x 7 board where letters don’t change and players have 2 minutes to spell as many words as possible.

There are leaderboards and achievements provided by Swarm and a stats system as well so you can keep track of all the important stats from past games played. For those of you interested in trying out a new word game, you can grab a copy of Hooked on Words off of the Google Play store for free. It is ad supported but there is a single in-game purchase available to disable those.

Google Play Link: Hooked on Words

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