Popular Nintendo DS game Soul Bubbles heading to Android in the future

Before we get into this I’ll let you feint right now and get it over with. Done? Alright moving along, yes a game from Nintendo is coming but it’s not actually from Nintendo. It’s a game from the Nintendo DS system, a rather popular one at that called Soul Bubbles.

During Game Connection Europe, the conference going on right now over in Europe, Eurocenter Games has announced that not only will Soul Bubbles be coming to iOS, which was announced awhile ago actually, but that it will also be coming to Android as well. Now before all you Soul Bubble fans out there get over excited, let it be known right now that it will be awhile before it lands on Android. The iOS version isn’t even due out till March 2012 and the Android version is slated after that so it will be a bit of a wait.


Still the fact that it is coming to Android is pretty awesome. For those of you who do not know about Soul Bubbles, in this game you play as a shaman who is trying to protect souls. This is done by constructing protective bubbles around them and lead them to safety. You can also use bubbles to defends/help yourself such as filling them up with water to put our fires or filling them up with gas to make them explode. As it stands right now, the current feature list looks like this:

  • With you fingers, cut, join, deflate, expand and blow bubbles that interact realistically to the environment.
  • Bubbles can be filled with water to extinguish fires or gas to create explosions.
  • Follow the star dust for guidance as well as making the spirits glow brighter.
  • Explore 8 spirits worlds with over 40 challenging levels.
  • Uncover secret paths, bonus levels and secret awards throughout all the worlds.
  • 3 golden calabashes hidden in each level. Find enough to unlock the last world.


Of course this feature list is subject to change considering how far away we still are from this being released even on iOS never mind Android. It does look to follow the original DS game fairly closely in terms of features though. Unfortunately, the release date for this is still some time off so until it gets closers, all we can do is enjoy the screenshots and blow our own bubbles for now.

Thanks to our friends at Pockett for covering the Game Connection Europe conference for us. More news coming as it happens.

Website Referenced: Pockett (French)

Developer Website: Eurocenter Games

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