Popular Roguelike Sproggiwood is Currently on Sale for $1.99


Sproggiwood, the loveable roguelike from developer Freehold Games, is currently on sale for $1.99, down from its standard price of $4.99.

The game sees you playing as an innocent, even gullible farmer who manages to get lured by a sheep through a mysterious portal and into a mischievous forest. This forest is the realm of Sproggi, an imp-like git inspired by FInnish mythology.

Cue endless slick and compact roguelike attempts, boiled right down to the essence of the genre. There are procedurally populated dungeons, six customisable classes, monsters, traps, and a winning sense of humor throughout. 

Sproggiwood scored universal acclaim when it came to mobile in 2015, and you can pick it right now at a bargain price. 

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