Popular XBLIG title, Avatar Ragdolls, will be stumbling onto Android soon

Running Pixel has made some interesting games for various platforms but their most popular Xbox Live game called Avatar Ragdolls will be making it’s way to Android in December. Avatar Ragdolls is a rag-doll physics game that, in the Xbox Live version, used your account avatars to play as.

While obviously this won’t be possible in the mobile version of this game, it will instead bring some new gameplay mechanics along with it that won’t be available in the Xbox Live version such as using gestures, the accelermoter and other gameplay elements that are still being toyed with. Instead of using your Xbox Live avatars, there will probably be a selection of pre-made ones to play as in the mobile version.

The game itself just looks like fun. The point is to see how high you can fling your ragdoll avatar. There are plenty of things in the way like crates and other items, some of which do special things like blow up or give you health, boost you up high and so on. The Xbox Live version can be played as a single-player game or with up to three other people. No word yet on whether this multiplayer function will come over to the mobile version. Hopefully it does though.

Avatar Ragdolls is slated for release on Android sometime in December 2011. No word just yet on pricing. Until it’s out though, we can watch this XBox Live trailer for Avatar Ragdolls above and get a good chuckle out of it.

Developer Website: Running Pixels

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