Pork and physics combine to bring you Pick A Piggy for Android, out at the end of June

Dynamic Pixels newest game that is just about out of development and is an interesting little physics/platform game called Pick A Piggy. While the name may make it seem a bit more geared towards children, it does feature some great graphics and unique gameplay most will enjoy.

Using touch screen controls and the accelerometer, your job is to get the rubber pig out of the toy box and up to the top of each stage.  As you climb up you can collect stars and other items for bonus points and power-up but you will also have to get good at jumping and bouncing. There will be only certain ways to get to the top that will be tricky like using slime on ways to stick to them so you can jump up more. You will also have to manage to dodge obstacles intent on preventing you from getting to the top.

The graphics are the style that seems to be popular right now and can be found in a lot of new games coming out. It is that 3D cartoon look but in Pick A Piggy, they are accented with some great animation.You can expect this great new physics game to land on the Android Market by the end of this month. Until then, enjoy the video preview.

Developer Website: Dynamic Pixels

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