Portal creator Kim Swift to release Soul Fjord exclusively for the Ouya

Another Triple-A developer that announced that they would be bringing a game to the Android-powered console Ouya has revealed what game that exactly will be. Portal creator Kim Swift from Airtight Games will be releasing Soul Fjord exclusively onto Ouya soon and now we have the first trailer for this funky new game.

Soul Fjord is an interesting title as it blends procedurally generated levels with rhythm-based gameplay. You play play as a recently slain warrior Magnus Jones in a ‘70s and Norse mythology-inspired adventure, which sounds like one hell of a weird mesh-up of themes at first. However something went wrong when Magnus died and he was denied access to Valhalla so in order to gain access to the World Tree, and subsequently enjoying the after-life in Valhalla, he must fight his way there.

As we mentioned above, Soul Fjord will feature procedurally generated dungeons that you will have to fight through using rhythm-based combat gameplay. As of right now, that is pretty much all the details that have been revealed about this game outside of what you will see in the trailer above.

So when will i be released onto Ouya? Right now there is no exact release date for the game’s launch. The prospect of playing as an afro-having viking warrior from the 70’s is one we are looking forward to enjoying and hopefully soon.

Website Referenced: Polygon

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