Postknight 2 Out Now on the Play Store for Free

At the start of last month, pre-registration went live for Postknight 2. And now, at the start of this month, Postknight 2 has launched on the Play Store. So that’s exciting.

The game is the follow up to the delivery RPG, set seven years after the original, and sees you taking on the role of a novice Postknight. It’s up to you to take your precious cargo to locations all over the world.

Essentially it’s a casual RPG with a delivering twist. You’ll fight monsters, get new gear, and get more interesting and distant deliveries as you progress. Here’s a trailer.

There are new and old characters to meet and everything is presented in a gorgeous cartoon art-style. Gosh darn we do love primary colors. You’ll be forming bonds as you play, working your way up the ranks of the Postknights.

If you’d like to give the game a go, you can click here to download Postknight 2 from the Play Store. It’s free to play with IAP.

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