Pre-registration Is Now Open For Knights of Grayfang

We hope you’re ready to get your teeth into another Kemco title, because the prolific developer has just opened pre-registrations for a new RPG.

Called Knights of Grayfang, it looks to make some interesting tweaks to the usual core Kemco RPG formula.

Like what?

Well, there’s the addition of vampires as the main characters. Unlike Twilight the plot is less focused on romance and more on darkness though, which suits us just fine.

Based in the land of Eldraad, there’s a war between humans and monsters. There are temples they both want to control, and through an ill thought out ritual all the humans are turned into vampires.

The main characters being vampires is actually part of the core gameplay though, and isn’t just a pointless cosmetic feature. Which is nice.

How so?

Thoma, one of the main characters, has a Blood Gauge for example. This replaces the usual HP and MP meters, and through it you can activate something called ‘Bloodthirst.’ This grants you new skills and gives you a new appearance. 

Other vampiric inclusions are bats you can equip to boost attack and defence, and a range of monsters to fight and defeat. You probably saw that last bit coming though, seeing as this is a Kemco RPG.

We’re not sure this will convert anyone who isn’t already a fan of the developer’s RPGs – the visuals are familiar, and the battle systems are still turn based – but regardless this still looks like a dependable and possibly quite amusing adventure. 

You can pre-register for the game on Google Play right here

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