Pre-Registrations Are Open for Anticipated FMV Game Death Come True

Death Come True, the forthcoming FMV game from the developer of Danganronpa, is coming to the Google Play Store next week. Pre-registrations are open now.

Developed by Too Kyo Games and Kazutaka Kodaka, Death Come True is a sci-fi mystery with mildly disturbing themes, as you’d expect from the twisted mind that came up with Danganronpa.

It sees main character Makoto Karaki waking up in a hotel room with no memory of how he got there. After switching on his the television set, Karaki discovers that he’s a serial killer. A time-travelling one, it turns out.

It’s still not 100% clear how much Death Come True will cost on Android, but the iOS pre-order price makes things a bit clearer than they were. The game costs $15.99 on the App Store, so you can expect pretty much the same on Google Play.

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