Preorders for the Kaiser 4 Gaming Chair Are Open, Units Set to Ship on May 20th

If you’re anything like us, you spend more time at your desk than pretty much anywhere else. 

That’s why it’s worth investing in comfort. Gaming chairs have exploded in popularity over the last few years, allowing gamers to get the very most out of their time in front of the screen.

AndaSeat is at the forefront of the gaming chair revolution, offering a range of products that sits squarely in the comfortable part of the price spectrum. For players in search of a high-end experience at a fairly affordable price, AndaSeat is a solid option. 

The most recent range to have rolled out of AndaSeat’s comfort factory is the highly acclaimed Kaiser 3, which offers a huge range of adjustment options, a number of attractive designs, and superlative comfort. 

Now it’s the turn of the Kaiser 4 to cradle the bottoms of the gaming public. Pre-orders opened on April 16th, and orders are set to ship on May 20th. 

So what are you getting for your money? 

While we haven’t sat in a Kaiser 4 ourselves, we’re confident in saying that you’re getting extreme comfort. That was one of the Kaiser 3’s major selling points, and we can’t see AndaSeat dropping the ball. 

On top of that, you’re getting a guilt-free, environmentally friendly option. The Kaiser 4 is made of sustainable materials, allowing you to feel comfortable morally as well as physically.

The Kaiser 4 comes in ten different designs, all of them rocking 5D armrests, magnetic head pillows, stain resistant leather, and pop-out lumbar support. 

We think this might be the most impressive gaming chair we’ve seen on the market, and it has an introductory rate of $649.99. Grabbing it as part of the early bird sale means you can get it for even less though – just $499.99.

If that sounds like the kind of thing you might be in the market for, head to the AndaSeat website and place our pre-order right now.

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