Pretty Pet Tycoon time management game now available. Farming fruit not pets though.

There’s a new time management game out on the Android Market called Pretty Pet Tycoon and while the title would suggest some sort of pet management type of theme, it’s actually about farming fruit. It does, however, come with a Halloween theme as well.

Following the storyline of Pretty Pet Salon, Pretty Pet Tycoon follows Piglina who has moved from the business of running a salon to the business of running a farm. A fruit farm to be exact. For some reason she meets a stranger who apparently has his own plans of world domination which uses Piglina’s fruit farm as part of his plans.


Like most strategy / time management games like this, you will be growing fruit, packaging it up and shipping it off to the market. The more fruit you package and sell, the more income you make and the closer you are to building your fruit farming empire. As you grow you’ll be purchasing more farmland and equipment while upgrading your current equipment. As you grow even bigger you will have to manage specialty factories as well such as a Juice or Candy producing factory.

While the theme may be more on the cutesy side of things, this should definitely provide enough challenge for time management game fans to enjoy it for awhile until, say, a new Kairosoft game lands in our laps. You can download Pretty Pet Tycoon off the Android Market for free.

Developer Website: Animoca

Android Market Link: Pretty Pet Tycoon

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