Preview trailer of Spacetime Studios upcoming MMORPG called Dark Legends

Lots of people are eager to get a glimpse at Spacetime Studios upcoming MMORPG called Dark Legends. Up until now we have only been hyped up with a teaser trailer and words describing how the gameplay will be and that it will look completely different from their previous two games. That is very true.

In a vampire/undead themed MMORPG you would expect to find, of all things, lots of blood. Well there is plenty that will be dished out in Dark Legends. The game looks almost entirely different from Pocket Legends and Star Legends which feature a bit more of a cartoon style to it. Dark Legends embraces the darker side of things, bringing a totally new look to the game then what a lot of people were expecting.

Many people feared this would be just a re-skin of Pocket Legends or Star Legends with a dark vampire theme to it. Now, as we see in the preview video above, this is untrue and Dark Legends has a completely new style on its own. We still don’t have an exact release date on when Dark Legends will be arriving for Android but now that we have a good idea of how the game will look, this should fire up a lot of people’s interest in it.

Website Referenced: Spacetime Studios Forum

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