Princess Connect! Re: Dive Global To Close In Shock Announcement

Feature image for our Princess Connect! Re: Dive news piece. It shows an anime character with long red hair, holding a sword and wearing a tiara. She is stood in front of frames that show various fantasy anime scenes.

In an unexpected turn of events, Crunchyroll Games announced the end of service for the global version of the popular gacha RPG Princess Connect! Re: Dive. The game will shut down completely on the 30th of April, though the developers are already shutting up shop.

The in-game store is closed and you can’t download the game from Google Play.

You Might Be Out Of Pocket

You can still spend the premium currency you bought, though there’s no word of any refund system in the vein of Revived Witch, so if you’ve put a lot of money into the game you may be out of luck.

Strangely, this impending apocalypse hasn’t stopped the arrival of new content. The shutdown announcement on Crunchyroll’s website also came with news of two new characters.

Rin and Mahiru, both rangers, have the terrible fate of entering a doomed RPG world in its final days. At least their JP version counterparts get to live on.

A Stunned And Dismayed Fanbase

This sudden news was, unsurprisingly, a terrible surprise for fans. Some gacha games simply fade into obscurity, but Princess Connect!: Re: Dive retained a sizable fanbase. It sat at over a million downloads on Google Play before the page’s closing.

Princess Connect!: Re: Dive was conceived as a sequel to the social media game Princess Connect! It was released in Japan in 2018, though the global release would not appear until 2021. By that time, a companion anime was also in circulation, which might have drawn a few fans into the game.

The game is an RPG that lets you assemble a squad of colorful characters to fight monsters and advance through adventures. It allowed for both auto and manual battling. There was a big plot to follow, though also the opportunity to pursue individual character stories to know them a bit better.

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