Prison Run and Gun is On Sale Now

Prison Run and Gun is a retro platformer with quirky pixel-art graphics and a whole heap of challenging gameplay and entertainment. Do you have what it takes to successfully escape one of the world’s largest and most deadly prisons?

Prison Run and Gun – A Prison where Guards are the Least of your Worries

Recent events at the state prison have caused a lot of commotion. There was so much commotion that some sneaky prisoners have escaped, you included. The only problem is that escaping this prison is a lot harder than it first seemed.

There are thirty sections to this mega-prison, each with their own traps and hazards littered along the way. There are buzz saws, landmines, electric fences and some suicidal prisoners on the loose. Only the most skilful will survive and get to freedom!

Prison Run and Gun is available on the Google Play Store and supports external controllers.

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