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New Trailer For Project Mugen Shows A Stunning Cityscape

Feature image for our Project Mugen news. It shows a screenshot from the trailer showing a character leaping across the rooftops of a city.

It’s Gamescom, and that means studios are rolling out some of their big guns in terms of releases. Netease is no exception, as today they released a nearly three-minute-long trailer for their upcoming title Project Mugen.

Project Mugen is an upcoming title for PC, Android, iOS, and PlayStation that looks like Netease’s answer to Genshin Impact, if the art style and open world are anything to go by, though with a colorful cyberpunk take on the genre.

Well, colorful is pretty mild language to use for the visuals on display so far.

It’s So Pretty

After a look at the trailer, it’s safe to say that Project Mugen looks absolutely gorgeous. What appears to be in-game footage shows player characters navigating the city through parkour leaps, running along walls, and using grappling hooks to fling themselves around the skyscraper rooftops.

There’s also shooting gameplay, showing a character firing off at enemies on a rooftop with what looks like an unusually deadly Splatoon gun.

The weird weapons don’t end there, with other characters utilizing a bat, and what appear to be two yoyos in combat. The onslaught’s not restricted to the physical world either. One clip shows a guy picking up a car with telekinesis and flinging it at some enemies.

A Bit Early For The Hype Train, But We’ll Watch For More

Of course, as always we like to approach anything promising a lot with a healthy amount of skepticism.

The game looks very impressive in its current state, but until we get the game in our hands there’s no way of telling how polished the gameplay is, or how much is interaction and how much is scripted. Rest assured though, we’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

Interested in keeping an eye on it too? Well, you can pre-register now via the official website and get updates straight from the horse’s mouth.

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