PSX4Droid back on the Android Market? Apparently it is.

PSX4Droid was quite the popular Playstation emulator for Android when it first landed on the Android Market by ZodTTD and still does have a strong following even though it was removed from the Android Market by Google. There seems to be a new listing though for PSX4Droid. Is it the real one?

There is a new listing from a new developer on the Android Market that is for another PSX4Droid Playstation emulator and we are sure people are curious, considering it’s been released by someone other than ZodTTD, if it is the real deal. Yes it is the real PSX4Droid and it is by someone known in the community that is hoping to continue on with the project.

Before jumping over to the Android Market, please be aware that it currently is suffering from a bug where it is just directing people back to the Android Market. This will be fixed along with another issue regarding the major compatibility issue it faces due to Gingerbread’s memory mapping of address space. We suggest waiting till these updates are released before heading over to get it. When the updates are released, we will announce them and link to the listing on the market.

Thanks to Thomas for the tip!


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