PSX4Droid gets updated, becomes available for free and open source as well.

Last week Android’s first emulator for the Playstation got yanked off the Android Market due to content policy violations. The developer, ZodTTD, was unsure at the time as to what route he would go now that it was banned from the Android Market. It seems he has made his decision and it is now available for free.

It was also just updated as well so if you currently own PSX4Droid ver.2 then you’ll want to grab the new free version in order to take advantage of the update. Since it is free, ZodTTD has decided to make it open source as well should anyone else want to take on development.  We don’t think this means he’ll stop developing it himself but considering that it is now free, we are sure he is looking for a little help.

Ironically, FPse for Android is still available on the Android Market which is another Playstation emulator. So what exactly was the reason PSX4Droid got pulled? We may never know.

Developer Website: ZodTTD

Website Referenced: Phandroid

Download Link: PSX4Droid Source Code: PSX4Droid Github

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