PUBG Mobile wins Google Play’s User’s Choice Game of 2018

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The results for Google Play’s User’s Choice Game of 2018 are in and the winner is PUBG Mobile. We can’t really argue with that! It’s an absolutely stellar mobile experience.

PUBG originally kicked off the battle royale craze on Xbox and PC back in 2017, with the mobile offering following in March 2018.

PUBG Mobile is a mobile version of the hit battle royale experience

The mobile version isn’t a direct port – it’s more of a remake that streamlines the experience for the smaller screen.

While it launched as quite a barebones experience, it’s grown an awful lot this year. We’ve got night mode, the Sanhok and Miramar maps, customisable outfits, a faster-paced War mode, and the Royale Pass.

And it all culminated in a thoroughly-deserved win at Google Play’s User’s Choice Game of 2018. So go ahead and check it out on Google Play right now.

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