PUBG Mobile gets update 0.12.0 tomorrow with Darkest Night mode and more zombies

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PUBG Mobile will finally get the hotly-anticipated 0.12.0 update tomorrow, introducing a new mode, zombies, weapons, and more to the experience.

The most exciting addition is easily Darkest Night mode, which challenges you to survive an entire night with the zombie horde baying for your blood.

PUBG Mobile’s Darkest Night challenges you to survive an entire night filled with zombies

Survive Till Dawn will also get a bunch of improvements, including new zombies and weapons.

Rounding up the additions is a new Spectator Mode and new crosshairs and colours. Just a few often requested features.

So head on over to Google Play and grab PUBG Mobile right now. Bear in mind that the servers are going down temporarily ahead of the update though.

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