PUBG Mobile has been shut down in China, replaced with Game for Peace

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PUBG Mobile has officially closed in China, and Tencent has swiftly released a replacement named Game For Peace.

The change was made necessary due to stricter laws on video game violence in China. Game for Peace is basically a like for like replacement of PUBG Mobile with a few, admittedly, hilarious changes.

Game for Peace is a brand new version of PUBG Mobile for the Chinese market

The most hilarious of these is the new death animation. Rather than die in a bloody heap, players will now give a cheery little wave and drop their loot box.

There’s no blood or gore to speak of in the new version of PUBG Mobile to allow it to comply with China’s new laws banning violence, sex, or gambling in video games.

You can grab PUBG Mobile right now on Google Play. Sadly, it doesn’t feature the waving death animation from Game for Peace.

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