PUBG Mobile Patch Notes 0.13.5

PUBG Mobile is arguably one of the best Battle Royale’s on mobile if you manage to get a lobby without cheaters. With that being said, the latest update to PUBG Mobile brings a new gun and season reward changes.

What’s new in 0.13.5?

There is a new submachine gun available in Erangel and Vikendi. The PP-19 has a 53 round magazine and has a rate of fire similar to the UMP. Also, the PP-19 single-shot damage value is 35, making it a weapon of choice in the early parts of a game.

The season reward changes are large compared to other seasons. The entire season eight outfit is available after reaching Gold tier. Diamond tier will feature season-exclusive weapon finishes.

There is a load of other changes to read about in the official patch notes. Or you can download a copy of PUBG Mobile from the Google Play store now.

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