PUBG Mobile Updated with Royale Pass 17, Metro Royale Content, Runic Powers, and More

Season 17 has arrived in PUBG Mobile in the 1.2 update, which introduces several new features to the popular battle royale shooter.

Among them are Runic Powers. To access these, you’ll need to queue for a special version of the Erangel map that gives you a choice of three different rune energies. Once you’ve chosen, you’ll get a summon and a boost skill, giving you advantages on the battlefield.

You can loot rune skills throughout Erangel, as well as in Cheer Park, where daily rune missions are now taking place.

Rune skills include Flame, which summons a wheel of deadly fire, Arctic, which summons a wall of ice, and Wind, which creates a shield of wind and increases movement speed.

In addition to all this runey goodness, a new Metro Royale: Honor chapter has arrived, enabling you to obtain Honor by killing people and collecting stuff.

Season 17, meanwhile, offers updated Royale Pass missions, activity pack events, new cosmetics, and a new variant of the EvoGround mode, arriving on the 5th of February.

You can download PUBG Mobile for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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