PUBG Mobile will get a new zombie mode, weapons, and zombies with update 0.12.0

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PUBG Mobile will soon get a brand new update that introduces a bunch of changes to Survive Till Dawn alongside a wealth of fresh content.

Survive Till Dawn will get new weapons, zombies, and a bevy of alterations designed to provide better balance.

PUBG Mobile gets new mode Darkest Night along with the next update

Darkest Night is the name of the new mode, which challenges you to stay alive for an entire night as you stave off the zombies.

If you live to see dawn, you’ll win. There’s also some kind of companion system that hasn’t been detailed yet. More on that when it launches.

We’re not sure when the new update will launch but you can bet we’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, go and grab PUBG Mobile on Google Play right now.

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