PUBG Mobile’s Frost Festival Event Turns Brings Winter to the Erangel Map, Out Now

A new winter-themed event has just begun in PUBG Mobile. The so-called Frost Festival mode introduces all sorts of festive content to the game, as well as applying a wintery makeover to Erangel.

The makeover consists of several interactive locations, including snowy monuments, three randomly spawning frost castles, icy zones, and a frozen tundra. Throughout these locations you’ll be able to collect snowmen (and snow chickens) to use as cover.

There are various cosmetic changes, too, included buildings decorated in a festive way, fireplaces, and Christmas trees. Even the flare gun has had a makeover, and now emits holiday flares.

The latest PUBG Mobile update also adds snowboards to the game, allowing you to travel quickly over snow and vault over obstacles, presumably while wearing wraparound sunglasses, sticking out your tongue, and making a rock gesture with your hand.

Various events are set to take place over the next few weeks, enabling you to get into the Christmas spirit by shooting your fellow players – ideally in the head.

You can download PUBG Mobile for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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