PUBG: New State is the Follow-up to PUBG, Coming to Mobile This Year

PUBG Studio, the developer behind the enormously popular and influential battle royale shooter PUBG, has revealed follow-up PUBG: New State.

Set in 2051, when we can all agree the world will be much more warlike, the game sees you battling with 99 other players in a shrinking blue zone to be the “lone survivor”.

That’s the familiar stuff. What’s new are the amped-up graphics, the realistic post-apocalyptic setting, and the technologically advanced weaponry you’ll have at your disposal.

There are drones, combat rolls, and more to master, and a huge 8×8 map on which to ply your grisly trade.

It looks pretty slick, and a tonal shift from the existing PUBG Mobile. We’re not sure when it’s coming out, but you can pre-register for PUBG: New State right now on the Google Play Store.

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