Punishing: Gray Raven Punishes Boredom With Chaos Unsnarled

The feature image for news on Punishing: Gray Raven Chaos Unsnarled has the newly added character No.21 Feral standing amidst trees and the title of the version at the bottom.

Punishing: Gray Raven launches the new Chaos Unsnarled version which hits the scene today, May 9th, 2024! The version brings a new character, gameplay tweaks, and a haul of new gear! So, let me give you commanders a quick sneak peek into what the version hype is all about.

No. 21 Feral Makes A Dazzling Debut

No. 21: Feral is the newest addition to Punishing: Gray Raven. This S-Rank Omniframe is the talk of the town, and for good reason. This lightning amplifier maks waves with her 100% rate up in Themed Construct Research & Fate Themed Construct Research.

Gameplay Tweaks

Adjustments to the Arcade Anima mode offer a new episode to push your combat prowess. Additionally, characters you recruit in Recitativo di Fantasia can be deployed immediately, simplifying your path to battlefield dominance.

Looking Good, Punishing Well: New Coatings And Gear

Several characters get a makeover with new coatings in Chaos Unsnarled, including Vermillion Bargain for Plume, Little Lost Nightmare for Feral, and Ginkgo Ridge for Qilin. The Punishing Force also welcomes new weapons: the 6-star Managarm and the 5-star Trio-Claws.

Managarm boasts a 10% ATK increase and restores a random set of 3-Ping Orbs when your character enters the battle. It’s got an 80% rate up omniframe. Trio-Claws empower your fighter with a 10% Lightning DMG boost. Speaking of claws, new weapon coatings for the Katana (Red Sky Ritual) and Gauntlets (Cosmic Gamble) have been added in this version.

Hades Fangs: A Fangtastic New CUB

The version adds Hades Fangs, a ferocious S-Rank CUB designed to crowd control enemies and inflict massive damage while incapacitating enemies. When paired with character No. 21: Feral, Hades Fangs unleashes combo attacks upon use of Dusk Fluorescence, raising the base DMG of Dusk Fluorescence and Sky-ripping Arcflash.

The Fran Memory Set

The Punishing Force memory set offers a 2-piece and 4-piece bonus. The 2-piece set increases Lightning DMG and Extra DMG Bonus by 5% each, while the 4-piece set grants a significant boost to the base damage of several skills, including Dusk Fluorescence and Forest Predator.

A Round-Up Of Other Changes

Chaos Unsnarled has got a wave of improvements in Punishing: Gray Raven. New players will find the S-Rank Construct Selector easier to claim. Characters now have voice lines that play during various actions, like leveling up and equipping weapons.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are also many events for you to participate in—Uninhibited, Space Odyssey, and Arcade Anima: Karenina. Earn rewards in Woodland Banquet, Wolf Pup’s Hunt, and Calamity Outpost. Furthermore, there is Nemesis Brawl, Circuit Connect: Predators Game, and Babel Tower: Infernal Forest.

The version adds new poses, voice-line adjustments for various characters, and fresh coatings for the Vermillion Bargain, Little Lost Nightmare, and Ginkgo Ridge stages. Last but not least, several characters receive new login and idle animations, along with voice-line adjustments.

If you’d like to give Punishing: Gray Raven’s New Version “Chaos Unsnarled” a shot, check out the game on Google Play!

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