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Puzzle-Adventure Game The Academy: The First Riddle is Due on Android Today

The Academy: The First Riddle, Pine Studio’s Harry Potter-esque puzzle adventure game set in a magical school, is due on Android today.

The game has been in pre-registration for a while, with June the 19th set as its official launch date. Publisher Snapbreak has duly been in touch to let us know that The Academy is arriving today – but so far it’s still a no-show on Android. 

Set in a venerable institution known as Arbor’s Academy, The Academy: The First Riddle sees you exploring the grounds of your new school, solving over 200 puzzles and riddles, and ultimately unravelling a centuries-old mystery. 

It’s a derivative premise but a highly promising game, with polished visuals, 20 hours of Professor Layton-style gameplay, and Quidditch. 

No, wait, that’s the other one. 

You can pre-register for The Academy: The First Riddle right now on Google Play. The full release should be along any moment now. It’ll cost $9.99.

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