Kamen Rider Characters Come To Puzzle & Dragons For A Limited Time

Feature image for our Puzzle & Dragons Kamen Rider collab news piece. It shows promo art of several Kamen Riders.

Two classics are combining forces once again. Puzzle & Dragons has kicked off a new fifteen-day crossover in the Japan region with the beloved Kamen Rider series, the fifth event of its kind.

The event’s set to run from today until May 15th, so if you want to get some exclusive stuff, now’s the time to head over there.

Lots Of Familiar Faces

You can check out the collab site and get a load of some of the characters and dungeons available. Masked Riders 1, 2, 0, Kabuto, and Decade take pride of place in the lineup.

There’s going to be a large range of characters up for grabs, though that’s not all. There are also special dungeons to explore, with Kamen Rider-themed content inside.

There’s no word about whether this event will make its way over to global, but we can hope.

Puzzle & Dragons is ancient by mobile game standards. The match-3 monster collector dropped all the way back in 2012, and is still going strong over a decade later.

Two Long-Lived Titles

Not many titles on our favorite platform can boast a longevity that rivals The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but Puzzle & Dragons had hung in there the whole time.

While the game’s age is impressive for a free-to-play Android title, Puzzle & Dragons is still by far the younger side of the collaboration.

The Kamen Rider franchise has been knocking around since 1971, with its first TV outing taking place in that year. For those unfamiliar, Kamen Rider follows the titular masked riders, superpowered vigilantes equipped with grasshopper-looking masks who fight all kinds of nasties.

The series has since then spanned dozens of shows, films, and web series over several decades. It’s truly a legendary piece of media.

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