Puzzle Wars Beta

Should you, for some reason, need a break from playing Zenonia already but don’t really want to give up the RPG goodness then there is always Puzzle Wars by Vandigames. Puzzle Wars is a blend of RPG and Puzzle Combat (match 2 blocks of the same type to do actions) style game play and is actually a pretty looked over game.

The game is currently in Beta (which was just released) and it’s looking pretty good so far. It’s not that easy either. Combat is done by matching 2 of the same type of blocks that are adjacent to each other. Each block depicts an action whether it’s healing, casting spells, blocking, using items or attacking. Some actions require you to fill up a small meter before you’re able to use it so it may take a few combos or turns to cast a spell.

You also have the ability to equip items after combat, to learn more spells and get better upgrades. The storyline is pretty decent and there are a few chuckles to be had if you decide to read it. There is also random enemy encounters as you move through the map which is kind of cool as well, makes for more dynamic game play.

It’s an entertaining time killer and the developers are working on updates (one just came out today) so it is a supported game right now and it’s free for downloading on the market.

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Developer Website: Vandigames (non-English website)

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