Puzzler City Lines has received an update that now includes multiplayer

Released by Genix Lab, City Lines is an Android puzzler that’s received a significant update. For the uninitiated, City Lines players are looking to “connect the dots”, so to speak, within a grid that contains city like elements that need to be paired up. For example, there may be a pair of housing icons, along with pairs of waterfront, fauna, and industrial locations pair as well, all on a five by five grid.

Players will need to drag a path that connects one house to the other, without obstructing other paths between the water or industry icons. The game also makes hints available, which can be purchased or earned via watching ads. The game includes over 500 puzzles for free, with other packs of puzzles being available via IAPs, along with features such as ad removal. In this newest release, more free and premium packs have been added, so now the game totals six packs available for free, and five that can be purchased.

Multiplayer has now been added to the game, where players can now see who can solve a given puzzle faster, where they rank on leaderboards, and even spin a wheel to try and change their opponent’s fortunes via randomizing the size of the board, giving extra hints, or blocking the use of hints. City Lines now also includes bridges, so paths can overlap one another. The difficulty curve has been tweaked, as well as how the level are generated. They are started by being generated by code, then proofed by designers.

Version 2.0 of this game is available for free from Google Play, with options to pay for more features and packs, or watch ads to frequently accomplish the same thing.

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