Qonqr coming soon to Android. Let’s all play real-life Risk together.

I’ve always been a fan of the Risk game across all of the different versions that are available to play, even the old school board game version. It seems some developers want to bring Risk to real-life, or close to it anyways. Based off a check-in system, you’ll be able to take over other cities you are near or at if you have a large enough army.

Your army will consist of ‘nanobots’ that you build. When you are near or actually at another persons city, you can battle it out for domination of that city. Your nanobots versus the reigning city’s owner and their nanobots. Both your nanobots fight it out and whomever wins the fight gets control of the city. Of course if you are not up for traveling, there is another option you can do which will cost you some actual money. If you aren’t near a city that you want to conquer, you can buy a virtual missle to send your nanobots to that city in hopes you can take it over. As you progress in the game through combat you’ll gain experience, be able to buy better armaments and level up.

The whole concept is pretty cool and the game won at the Twin Cities Startup Weekend which hosts competitions for developers and entrepreneurs to build unique prototype businesses. So when can we expect to play this neat little game? Sometime this year is all that is being said right now and even though it will be for Android, the iOS and Windows Phone 7 versions will more than likely be out first according to the devs.

Definitely a great concept for a location-based game and we would love to get our hands on an early copy to try out for all our readers. Hopefully we will but until then, we can only imagine dominating city after city with our nanobot army in our dreams.

Developer Website: Qonqr

Website Referenced: AndroidandMe

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