[Update: New Features] Quadrant is a new minimalistic arcade game from errorsevendev on Android

Indie developer errorsevendev has released a new minimal styled arcade game called Quadrant onto Android. This particular game is a time-based reflex game, which means you start with a set amount of time and you’ll need to be pretty fast and getting what you need to get done actually finished.

Update: March 7th, 2016 8:22am PST: The developer of Quadrant, errorsevendev, has contacted us to let us know that his new game Quadrant has been updated with a couple of new features including Google Play Games Services integration. This now means players can compete against their friends scores, earn achievements, etc etc. So Quadrant is a lot more social now with more content to play through. You can grab this update off of Google Play now.

Players will start with 60 seconds and have to tap on the appropriate quadrant on the screen at just the right time. Each quadrant represents a dimension your blue square lives in, and there are obstacles floating around each one. In order to avoid the obstacles, you’ll need to switch between quadrants/dimensions before the collision happens. You will also want to be in the quadrant that has either a time extension or one of the power-ups appearing in it in order to claim it. Along the way you’ll also earn points, so you’ll want to try and earn as many as possible.

Quadrant Features:

• An original concept that will entertain you for many hours
• Earn trophies for high scores
• Smooth graphics and gameplay
• Very addictive
• Large active game play area
• Playable with just one finger

This game is easy to learn and pick up and play whenever you have a few minutes to kill. Another good feature about this game is that it is completely free, with no IAPs or ads inside. So if you want to try out Quadrant, all you have to do is download it.

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