Qualcomm releases the GameCommand app for Snapdragon Android devices early

A couple of days ago we reported on Qualcomm and their upcoming GameCommand app for Snapdragon Android devices. This app is essentially a showcase application similar to nVidia’s Tegra Zone only instead of being for Tegra devices it is for Android devices packing the Snapdragon chip.

Even though when we reported on it we, and everyone else, were told it would be launching January 10th 2012 during CES, it was actually released two days before anyone ever knew about the launch date. It is currently available on the Android Market for free and lists all the current games available for Snapdragon devices. While a lot of these games are available for all Android devices, there will be exclusive titles such as Southern Interactive’s Desert Winds game.

You will also be able to view screenshots, watch trailers and some games will also feature exclusive content if you are running a Snapdragon powered Android device. If you have a Snapdragon powered device you can download the app right now off the Android Market for free. The official launch is still January 10th 2012 so if some of the exclusive titles, like The Ball, are not available yet, they may be after that date. By the time it launches it is supposed to have around 100 games available.

One thing to note, if you have an Xperia Play it is currently not available for that device, only newer Snapdragon devices. No word yet on whether compatibility for the Xperia Play will come.

Thanks to ShadowOfAnAndroid for the heads up!

Developer Website: Qualcomm

Android Market Link: Snapdragon GameCommand

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