R2 Games releases EZ PZ RPG globally, an RPG that plays itself for the most part

R2Games is a publisher more known for the browser-based games they publish as well as the more risqué ads for their games that you see on a multitude of websites. However the company does have a couple of mobile games they have released and their newest one is a game called EZ PZ RPG. The tag line for this game is “The game that’s so easy to play… it doesn’t even need you!”. Makes you feel a little unneeded doesn’t it?

So what is EZ PZ RPG besides a bunch of capitalized letters? Well for starters it is an RPG but unlike 99% of the games in this genre, there is very little to do. In fact the tag line mentioned above is pretty accurate. Players begin the game by picking their class of choice and then the game plays itself while you proceed to do other things. This isn’t the first game to do this on Android but it isn’t like there is a plethora of them either.

EZ PZ RPG Features:

Accessible Mechanics: Don’t be shied away by complex features and convoluted systems, EZ PZ gets right to the point. No fuss.
Create Your Hero: Choose from one of the three distinct playable classes, and set forth on a perpetual adventure!
Endless Combat: Continuously progress while away. The fighting never stops, even while you sleep!
Full RPG Experience: Equip your character with epic loot, gain levels, learn new skills, and meet new companions to add to your party. EZ PZ also features a full crafting system, so you can always make what you need!
PvP Arena: Challenge friends and foes alike for the ultimate test of strength. Form teams or face your rivals 1-on-1, and become the true champion!
Form Guilds: Band together with friends and like minded players to join forces! Help each other reach the top!

Then, whenever you feel like it, you open the game back up to check on your character. When you do this you should see a bunch of XP that you’ve gained as well as a ton of loot which you can then use to upgrade your character. Once you’ve done that, you can send your character back into the dungeons to go deeper and to fight harder monsters, completing the cycle over and over again. Characters can unlock new skills and you can meet new members to have join your party as well. There is also a complete crafting system. So there is actually things to do in this game.

EZ PZ RPG is available on Google Play now for free and does contain optional IAPs as well. This game has been out since January 2015 in select locations as part of a soft launch/beta test. Today marks the game’s global launch.

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