R2 Games’s Browser-Based MMORPG World of Rune Is Now Available on Mobile

World of Rune has made the jump to mobile, meaning that you can now find R2 Games’s popular browser-based fantasy MMORPG on the Google Play Store.

The move is sure to bring World of Rune to a whole new audience, and before you become a member of that audience you’ll probably want to know what the game is all about. We’re here to furnish you with the details. 

As you can tell from the screenshots, World of Rune sits at the adorable end of the MMORPG spectrum, featuring cutesy big-eyed characters and colorful backdrops. 

But don’t be fooled. Beneath this lovable exterior beats the heart of a sprawling RPG, set in a fantasy realm filled with magic, danger, and excitement.

There are four playable character classes to choose from, including Swordsman, Mage, Archer, and Cleric. Each one comes with its own unique abilities, though you won’t have access to all of them from the start. Every player begins as a novice. 

Over time you’ll get to make your character your own as you complete quests, win battles, and team up with your friends and pets to take down powerful bosses. 

There are dungeons, too, containing boss characters. Defeating these gives you rare drops, increases your EXP, and lets you level up your abilities. Plus, you can capture monsters in dungeons and raise them as your pets. 

All the while you’ll level up your character and unlock new areas to explore, while adding pets and combat partners to your retinue, allowing you to take on ever greater challenges.

World of Rune also boasts a unique card system. There are more than 100 different cards to collect, each of them with their own particular abilities and stats. 

Obtaining and playing these cards expands your tactical options massively, and you can level them up to unlock even more powers. 

To check out the mobile version of World of Rune, head to the Google Play Store and download it for free right now. 

For more info, head to the office World of Rune website, Facebook page, and Discord server

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